4 Explanations to Get a Mesothelioma Lawyer

by admin on March 25, 2009

You’ve recently been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or lost a loved one to the disease, and you’re absolutely devastated. You’re facing financial problems, and you may not want to take on the additional expense of hiring a Mesothelioma lawyer. You may be operating under the misguided belief that you won’t be able to prove the company was to blame for your situation or that it’s been far too long since you were originally exposed. Unfortunately, by thinking this way you could be giving up your rights to compensation should be coming to you. In fact, hiring a lawyer to help you with your case if probably the best possible thing for you to do.

1. Mesothelioma is not your fault. You are a victim of the negligence of the company you worked for. Businesses had access to information about the hazards of working with asbestos as early as the 1920s, and by the 1940s they were being advised to eliminate it from the workplace. Most of them didn’t comply, however, and that’s what caused you to become sick now. Instead of doing what they could to protect your health, these companies chose to withhold crucial information in favor of their own profits. Unfortunately, you’re now suffering from their lack of responsibility, and they should be held accountable. Your Mesothelioma lawyer will be able to make sure that this happens.

2. Maybe you don’t have the disease yourself, but you’ve been robbed of financial and emotional security by the death of a loved one who suffered from it. Hiring a Mesothelioma lawyer to file a wrongful death suit in behalf of your loved one can bring you monetary restitution for all you’ve been forced to deal with and help you pay any debts you may have incurred.

3. Mesothelioma may have already robbed you of your life’s savings and possibly many of your other assets. It may be forcing you to sell your home and live on a shoestring budget. After all, the disease has kept you from working which means you’ve lost wages, and you probably have incurred medical bills which insurance just doesn’t pay for. Why shouldn’t you hire a lawyer who will work on a no win, no pay basis to go after what you have coming to you and help you meet your financial obligations? What this means is that the lawyer will only take payment if he’s successful in getting a settlement for you. Otherwise his services won’t cost you anything.

4. As you probably already know, corporate negligence has been a problem for a long time. Too many companies put profits ahead of everything else, including employee health, and this should never have been allowed to happen. Because of these poor corporate decisions, hundreds of employees have become victims of their employers’ greed. As a general rule, a Mesothelioma lawyer will seek punitive damages as well as well as financial compensation. These damages serve as a punishment for the negligence of the company and also warn others in corporate America that we aren’t going to put up with this kind of behavior any longer.

If for no other reason, you owe it to yourself, your family members, and workers all over America to pursue your case with the help of a Mesothelioma lawyer.